This was SO great! IT was packed full with real, useful information and was so much fun it doubled as a vacation! We learned so much that we’ll be implementing in our firm and met vendors with great solutions we never would have thought of for our MAJOR problems. I can’t wait for next year!

- Brittany Duncan, CPA | Mill Creek, WA
Great seminar to help you grow your practice. TOP NOTCH motivational & practical speakers. Well worth the time and money. I will get a great ROI on my investment from the ideas gained through the seminar & from the selected approved vendors.
- David Beaumont, CPA | Parker, AZ

This was my 1 st SuperConference. I figured that a few of the presentations would be helpful, I hoped. I did NOT expect that this would be two and a half days of power-packed, super informative exciting presentations. This was the HIGHEST value possible to have spent three days away from my practice. THANK YOU!

- Brooke Witt, CPA | Mill Creek, WA

I found the conference to be of the highest marks. I'm amazed at the caliber of some of the presenters. I took some of my teammates with me and each of us walked about with about 20 written action items we plan on taking over the next several months. I believe those action items when implemented will increase our revenue by at least $200,000. Well worth our time, we already signed up for next year, we are so excited about it!

- John Briggs, CPA | Sandy, UT
I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and extremely glad I attended. I came home very excited about the things I learned and looking forward to continue working with your team.
- Patricia Anderson, CPA | Boca Raton, FL
Thank you so very much for an incredible conference! I look forward to learning and working with you in the coming year. I learned SO much more than I anticipated.
- Retha Valderas | Richmond, Virginia

Thank you for another outstanding conference. You and your team did a great job. It was great to take time to focus on my firm. I can't wait to get started on implementing the ideas that I got at the conference. I plan to work on implementing some of them with a CPA colleague/friend of mine. She plans on attending the conference with me next year.

- Cynthia Hays | Mesa, AZ

Excellent conference! Wish I would have brought a few team members. I had no idea what resources were out there. Knowledge is power and I now have the knowledge to build something awesome.

- Karen Bottany, CPA | Lavenworth, KS
I have been to all 8 SuperConferences. I get supercharged each year and get little nuggets of information that more than pay for the price of admission and travel costs. I will definitely be back for #9 in Atlanta.
- Dan Henn, CPA | Rockledge, FL
I am so excited to gather my notes and thoughts and begin working on my goals. I usually leave conferences tired, overwhelmed, and disenchanted. This conference was everything I had hoped for and better. I learned so much, I networked with so many amazing people, and am ready to come back next year.
- Bethany Shipley, CPA | Muskogee, OK