For one reason or another, you couldn't join us in St. Louis this past weekend for the "Gateway to Success" SuperConference.

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Introducing the…..

Gateway to Success SuperConference

June 9 – June 11, 2017 St. Louis, MO (with welcome reception on June 8, 2017)


Nothing stays the same for long. Not in business, not in marketing, not in technology. Change is the name of the game.

Consider companies like Uber and Airbnb. They’ve embraced “New” and created lucrative businesses out of thin air. At the other end of the spectrum you’ll find dinosaurs like the taxi companies who didn’t move in time and got badly caught between a rock and a hard place as the world around them changed.

If you’re still operating your practice by doing the same things to get and keep clients that you did 12 months ago, then I’ve got bad news for you my friend…

In the not too distant future, maybe 6 months, perhaps 18, someone is going to waltz in your geographic market and start stealing business away from you by leveraging all the new tools and strategies you haven’t kept up with.

The systems for attracting new quality clients, operating your practice, and handling client demands have changed in the past 12 months… and are continuing to change. If you’re not prepared and ready for the changes, your practice will soon be in big trouble with a dwindling profit and a dwindling practice asset value.

Introducing my....
“Gateway to Success SuperConference”

Salim'sSalim Omar here and over the last 7 years I’ve been putting together one of the most highly anticipated SuperConferences in the accounting industry. More importantly, I'm a practice owner just like you so you can expect current, effective strategies that are getting results NOW.

My SuperConferences grew from 25 practitioners 7 years ago to 150 last year and we anticipate hitting the maximum room capacity in St. Louis in 2017. This rapid growth is largely due to word of mouth form practitioners who walk away from these events year after year with the newest, most effective strategies and systems proven to accelerate and amplify results in today’s accounting world.

My SuperConferences is THE place where experience, wisdom and the best wealth-making, practice-building and life-liberating tools and strategies come together.

Best part: My SuperConferences are focused solely on how to take your practice to higher levels of success... little things you can do for your practice that can create momentum in your business. And we’ve invited REAL experts who have implemented these winning principles. They’ll show you what’s working TODAY. No “fluff” advice here!

My team and I have carefully designed this information-packed SuperConference so that you will:

  • BOOST YOUR PROFIT-MAKING EFFORTS : Put your practice on the fast track to double or even TRIPLE in the next 12 months. You’ll be equipped with the tools and strategies to set up automatic systems that bring you a steady flow of high quality clients every month like clockwork. This is the foundation of every successful marketing plan. Without leads, lots of them, you’re buffeted by the winds of circumstance, at the mercy of your clients (because you can’t afford to lose one), and are constantly stressed and concerned about where new business will come from. When you have an endless stream of leads – all that goes away.
  • INCREASE YOUR LEVEL OF SUCCESS WITH PROVEN STRATEGIES : These strategies will dramatically take your practice BEYOND “just getting by” and drastically decrease the time it takes to get there. You’ll get the same tools and resources I use to keep my practice humming like a well-oiled machine, such as the Client Profiling Sheet to target EXACTLY who your ideal client is and where you can find them online and offline. You’ll get the Simple Conversion Process framework, a 7-step process that simplifies the client conversion process for landing the right clients at the right fees.
    You’ll learn even more strategies like how to create "White Hot Lead Magnets" to attract your perfect client, "Identifying Needs of Your Market" - a psychological model that determines how clients choose practitioners and how you can be the ONLY practitioner in your market fulfilling those needs.
    You’ll also get a foolproof method for developing “Your Hook" – which is the SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR for your offer's success or failure. And my powerfully effective "The Reason Why" Method will greatly improve your client attraction process. Plus, how to use webinars and teleseminars for lead acquisition, nurturing & conversion, and more!
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR FOCUS : Elevate your mindset to achieve goals faster and intensify focus on what really matters so your daily activities propel your success. Practitioners often focus on the wrong things and don't know how to solve the problems that get their practices stuck in the first place. I’ll help you recognize the ways in which a CPA firm may be stuck, with the “5 Success Killers” checklist that keeps practitioners grinding just to survive, instead of growing and thriving. I’ll then give you the tools for getting unstuck and enjoying exponential growth!
  • UNLOCK THE SECRET OF THE PROS : Discover the ONE THING that sets apart the most successful practitioners in the world from everyone else... and how you can apply it to your practice and your life!
    You’ll discover thought-shifting ideas and strategies on how to quickly and easily AUTOMATE and SCALE your practice and have it moving in sync to create something significant and enjoy the ride. This is how you get to play in the big leagues.
    I will teach you how to leverage and utilize 4 models that the most successful CPAs use in order to grow their practice.
    I’ll share with you the exact systems I used to scale my practice to the top. You’ll take back from St. Louis a proven game-plan that’ll not only help you enjoy a lucrative practice today….it’ll also make your practice appealing to a potential buyer when/if you plan to sell in the future.
  • TAP INTO AN ACCOUNTING MASTERMIND : Meet skilled professionals outside your usual circle. Interact with successful practitioners who arrive from across the globe as they share real solutions that work in any geographic market and offer tips for using them to skyrocket your practice. You’ll get cutting edge content – No recycled presentations that you’ll have heard before. No tired old content. Just brand new, fresh and relevant information to elevate you to the next level!
  • This will be the most complete, detailed and valuable three-day SuperConference on EVERYTHING I did to go from $100,000 in debt to building a practice that made me extremely wealthy, while only working 2 days a week (3 during tax season), and eliminate money worries out of my life once and for all.

    I will spend these three intense days with you, taking you
    through everything I do inside my Practice layer by layer,
    strategy by strategy, decision by decision.

    I will provide you a follow-along-workbook that includes fill-in-the-boxes, fill-in-the-blank flow charts and diagrams for them. Unlike an expensive $25k+ MBA program, this is practical and pragmatic.

    You will leave, able to create your own successful practice, plugging holes that are currently costing you profits, strengthen your firms' profitability, and capitalize on unseen or neglected opportunities.

    These strategies and methodologies are super easy to “get” and even easier to implement and put to work for you.

In St. Louis, you’ll dramatically expand your vision once you see what’s possible and we’ll arm you with the knowledge and the tools needed to build upon your current success and the experience, skills, and success of others to reach what, on your own, would be unreachable heights.

It’s The Biggest ‘Unfair Advantage’ You’ll Ever Get!

We’re about to equip you with PROVEN “outside the box” tools and strategies that are going to let you GROW your practice without wasting your money or your time.

My SuperConference is the place where lives have been dynamically changed for the past 7 years – either through a new contact, new strategy, or new “a-ha” moment that lead to increased income, freedom, self-determination and confidence.

Past attendees tell us they were so excited about the discoveries, tools and people they met at the event, they almost couldn’t sleep at night during the SuperConference!

You simply cannot get this stuff in isolation or in your own office – where you keep doing the same thing in your business – and keep talking to the same people and colleagues you talk to everyday.


Greg Lafolette

Greg Lafolette, CPA

Adopt Technology Trends and Grow Your Practice
Greg is one of the most recognized and respected voices on technology within the accounting profession. He has a broad background in the field, having spent time in private practice, as an executive with a top-tier technology vendor and as an editor of a leading publication keyed to accounting technology. He is also a sought-after speaker at trade shows and conferences.

Prior to joining, Greg was a consultant to public accounting firms and to technology vendors with a focus on the accounting profession. Additionally, he was the Executive Editor of TheTechGap — the country’s first blog specifically created for the tax and accounting profession and for vendors who seek to serve that community, and Senior Manager of Tax and Technology Consulting with the Top 25 firm of Eide Bailly, LLP.

He serves on the Technology Advisory Board of the Journal of Accountancy where his column, “What’s Your App-Titude,” is printed monthly. He appears on Accounting Today’s list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting, the CPA Practice Advisor’s Top 25 Thought-Leaders, and was inducted into the Accounting Technology Hall of Fame in 2011.

Geni Whitehouse

Geni Whitehouse, CPA

Bridging the great divide: How to share financial information with non-financial people
We accountants speak a different language. Whether we are referring to Debits and Credits, Assets and Liabilities or different sections of the tax code, our clients are generally at a loss to understand what we are saying. They place less value on information they don’t understand and are often too intimidated to ask questions. In this session, you will learn secrets of de-mystifying accounting and increasing the value of the services you deliver.

Geni Whitehouse, CPA divides her time between working as a winery consultant at Brotemarkle, Davis & Co in the Napa Valley and writing, speaking, and tweeting at Her mission in life is to make boring subjects interesting and she is seldom at a loss for topics.

She is a regular keynote presenter at CPA and Technology conferences around the country and has been named a Top 100 Influencer by Accounting Today, one of 25 Thought Leaders in Accounting, and one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor. She was a member of the TEDxNapaValley organizing committee and was the first speaker at their inaugural event.

She is a co-founder of Solve Services, a remote bookkeeping business for the wine industry and the author of “How to Make a Boring Subject Interesting: 52 ways even a nerd can be heard” which is available on

Amy Vetter

Amy Vetter, CPA

Develop Life Skills That Support Your Success
Amy Vetter, CPA is the Global Vice President, Education & Head of Accounting, USA at Xero. She is accountable for developing and executing the education strategy for Xero worldwide, such as Xero University (XeroU). Amy has been recognized as one to the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting Today’s Listing, been nominated as “Women to Watch” by CALCPA, a CITP Champion for the AICPA, member of the CALCPA MAP State Committee and selected by The CPA Technology Advisor as an outstanding 40 under 40 technology-based accountant in 2006 and 2009.

In this session, Amy Vetter, CPA, corporate executive, and author of the new book Business, Balance, & Bliss: How the B3 Method Can Transform Your Career & Life, will share actionable insights and real-world stories on how to:

Nate Hagerty

Nate Hagerty

The New Rules for Marketing Online in 2017: Local SEO, UXO, Back-End Marketing, Conversion and How To Get Hundreds of Phone Calls Per Month from Online Channels
Nate and his team have mastered the art of getting new clients from local online channels. For over a decade, his company, TaxProMarketer has been helping CPA’s and practitioners build a robust online presence that goes far beyond the “glorified business card” approach from year’s past. Now, in 2017, many of the old “rules” are changing … but Nate and his team will show you test results from THIS tax season, and unveil brand new ways they’ve found to drive revenue from online sources to YOUR practice.

In this brand new presentation, Nate will show you…

Uday Ranpara

Uday Ranpara

Choose The Right Outsourcing Partner, Every Time
Uday is a practicing chartered accountant with a rich experience of more than 10 years offering consultative services to small businesses and large corporations.

In St. Louis, he’ll reveal his proven blueprint that’ll show you exactly how you can get more done with less work and stress by outsourcing to the right partners so you can focus on the top priorities that’ll catapult your practice forward.

During his presentation, you’ll learn the benefits of Outsourcing. Such as:

David Knoch


Transform Your Firm with Wealth Management
David Knoch serves as president for 1st Global, a premier research and consulting partner to select CPA, wealth management and tax planning firms. In this role, David guides the strategic direction and execution of major company initiatives that fulfill its purpose to enable intentional living among a diverse set of stakeholders. David’s purpose is to challenge others to create and lead purposeful lives.

David joined the company in 2000 and has served as its president since 2008, cultivating a culture and organizational structure that has been the catalyst for unprecedented advisor retention, strong revenue growth and expansion of the company’s footprint into new business lines.


George Leddicotte

Decode the Complex World of Tax Problem Resolution
George began preparing tax returns as a US Army Unit Income Tax Officer in Korea in 1972. His experience preparing taxes has continued to the present as a sole practitioner; paid preparer for two of the largest retail tax preparation firms in the US; the SBA Accounting & Tax Solutions division of Small Business Advisory Group; and BluNova Solutions.

George’s initial experiences with tax problem resolution came with an international management consulting firm that provided tax problem resolution to small business owners throughout North America. George has continued to develop his tax problem resolution expertise, over the past several years, by assisting individuals and businesses to resolve Federal and State tax problems.

George is an IRS Annual Filing Season Program participant, CTEC Registered Tax Preparer, Certified Debt Mediation Consultant, and member of the National Association of Tax Preparers (NATP) and the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS).

The 2017 CPA Marketing Genius SuperConference
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As always, I’m supremely confident that you’ll absolutely LOVE every minute of the “Gateway to Success SuperConference” that I’m willing to give you a ‘more than your money back’ guarantee!

Even though I am confident that you'll be thrilled with the entire event we’ve got in store for you, and that when you implement the strategies we share, your practice will be transformed forever, I realize that until you’ve attended and experienced this event first hand, you can’t know that for sure.

And whilst the financial investment in attending this event is negligible, I realize that for serious practitioners like you, your most valuable asset is your time.

So to put your mind at ease completely - right from the start – I am going to give you a ‘more than your money back’ guarantee!

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If you’re anything less than 100% satisfied with the weekend, just let us know before you leave on Sunday and we’ll happily refund your attendance fee, PLUS up to $500 of documented travel and accommodation expenses…


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