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YOU WILL REACH YOUR DESTINATION of a Wildly Successful Practice: Even If You’re Too Busy, Too Stressed, Or Too Overwhelmed!

Featuring The NEW “Implementation Incubator” Session:
Giving You an EDGE Before You Return to Your Office!

June 21-24 in Atlanta, GA
Double Tree By Hilton Atlanta Airport

Before you buy any course, go to any seminar, or sign up for any CPA program… there’s ONE CRITICAL QUESTION you MUST ask to have even a fragile prayer of getting anything out of it.

I’ll sum it up with this example…which covers online training, coaching, mastermind meetings…the whole nine yards.

And here’s the question:

What’s the half-life of “conference excitement?”

Everyone knows what that means, even if it’s painful to admit.

You go to a conference, get blasted with adrenaline in the first 15 minutes… then spend the next 2 days thinking in that weird, altered state where you actually believe; “I can do anything! Get out of my way!”

And it’s uncanny how powerful that frame of mind can be…and how CERTAIN we are that, “THIS TIME IT’S REAL! I’m NOT wearing rose-colored glasses. I’m NOT on a honeymoon. I’m as sober as a judge!”

And what happens?

You feel beat when you get home (and office warriors like you deserve a break). So you toss your copious notes and business cards — with your 25 new best friends — into a pile, kick off your shoes and collapse on the couch for some well-deserved R & R.

Then it all hits the fan… because there’s a leak in the basement… or your son threw a rock through the neighbor’s window… or Uncle Joe had a heart attack and your cell phone was off.

In other words… LIFE HAPPENS!

But there’s no way to stop a runaway train, and you’ve been derailed!

Then it’s two weeks before you get any time to implement…and by then the enthusiasm was worn off and there are so many other fires going on…nothing gets done. Soon months go by…another year passes….and you’re in the same place you were.

So what’s the ONLY way to beat these odds that are so heavily
stacked against you?

A built-in SYSTEM that ANTICIPATES this insanity... gives it a nod of acknowledgement... then moves on and turns it to your advantage.

…Which is why I’ve combined the unmatched power of my coaching principles with “tie-you-to-the-mast” STAYING POWER through bringing in talented and highly-qualified speakers...

…So you DON’T have to ride those manic-depressive waves anymore.


The 2018 CPA Success SuperConference is not about flash-in-the-pan enthusiasm… we’re all tired of that “sugar high” and those empty calories.

Yet even regular CPA training classes are sadly lacking in a SYSTEM with proven, sustainable follow-through.

But it’s what my coaching students have relied on FOR YEARS!

So if you haven’t been in “the loop”…

CPA Marketing Genius is all about giving you a SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS. We equip CPA practitioners for TOTAL practice control… which is my time-tested, flagship, all-inclusive, A-TO-Z training that covers ALL the mechanics of creating and marketing a CPA practice.

My 2018 SuperConference will incorporate part of this training, walking you through it step-by-step so you’ll understand how to implement this system for YOUR practice.

It’s also perfect for the new owner just opening her practice and older CPAs looking to move up the “value chain”…to higher prices and better clients.

In fact, here’s a short list of the CPAs I’ve been privileged to train, coach, and “launch”…with the proven methodology we present at our live training events:

Attendee Testimonials

“This was SO great! IT was packed full with real, useful information and was so much fun it doubled as a vacation! We learned so much that we’ll be implementing in our firm and met vendors with great solutions we never would have thought of for our MAJOR problems. I can’t wait for next year!”

- Brittany Duncan, CPA | Mill Creek, WA

“Great seminar to help you grow your practice. TOP NOTCH motivational & practical speakers. Well worth the time and money. I will get a great ROI on my investment from the ideas gained through the seminar & from the selected approved vendors.”

- David Beaumont, CPA | Parker, AZ

“This was my 1 st SuperConference. I figured that a few of the presentations would be helpful, I hoped. I did NOT expect that this would be two and a half days of power-packed, super informative exciting presentations. This was the HIGHEST value possible to have spent three days away from my practice. THANK YOU!”

- Brooke Witt, CPA | Mill Creek, WA

All of these CPA owners had hit a brick wall when it came to growing their firm. They were tired of spinning their wheels, spending 70+ hours a week on their practice, and only serving the most high-maintenance type of clients who demanded a lot of attention for small fees.

They were ready for a CHANGE.

These Successful CPA Practice Owners Realized
One MAJOR TRUTH: If They Wanted the Answers to
What Was Holding Them Back... AND a Blueprint to
Give Them the Success They Desired...

Ever been on a road trip and get lost?

It’s happened to me. In fact, one time I was driving to my destination and missed a turn onto a major highway. It wasn’t until three hours later I discovered my mistake.

I was about 100 miles off my route and it took a lot of time (and fuel) to get me back on track.

Here’s the bottom-line: you can see how fast the accounting profession is changing. And I understand that it can be overwhelming. You may wonder if you should be investing more in software or focusing on how to get the right team members on board.

There are a LOT of decisions to make when you’re a business owner.

But then, there are also a lot of decisions to make if you’re helping the owner run the practice. How do you know you’re making the right choices to grow the business?

Introducing the NEW, UPGRADED
2018 CPA Success SuperConference
In Atlanta, Georgia, June 22 - 24

Salim Omar

Salim Omar, here, and over the last 8 years I’ve been putting together one of the most highly anticipated SuperConferences in the accounting industry. More importantly, I'm a practice owner just like you so you can expect current, effective strategies that are getting results NOW.

My SuperConferences grew from 25 practitioners 7 years ago to 150 in 2017. But we decided to do things differently for 2018 (details below).

My SuperConference is THE place where experience, wisdom and the best wealth-making, practice-building and life-liberating tools and strategies come together.

Best part: My SuperConferences are focused solely on how to take your practice to higher levels of success... little things you can do for your practice that can create momentum in your firm. And we’ve invited REAL experts who have implemented these winning principles. They’ll show you what’s working TODAY. No “fluff” advice here!


Jon Vroman

Jon Vroman

Keynote Speaker, #1 Bestselling Author of The Front Row Factor, and Founder of Front Row Foundation
If anyone knows how to create a purpose driven business, it’s Jon. Jon inspires others to Live Life In The Front Row™ by teaching the art of making moments that last a lifetime. He shows you how to create the life and practice you want by creating those irreplaceable moments…instead of just waiting for ‘life’ to happen.

When you sit and wonder why your practice isn’t where it should be…or why you aren’t fulfilled... or why your practice isn’t growing the way you had expected it’s because you haven’t defined and aligned the purpose of your practice and your life. Through powerful, perspective changing stories, and experiences of those he has witnessed braving life-threatening diseases, Jon will help you identify your core purpose in life.

Create a practice that is perfectly aligned to who you are and the difference you want to make in this lifetime. Jon shows you that “you are worthy of a front row life.”

Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett

Founder of The Organized Artist Company
Have you ever wondered how you make decisions and why? How do those decisions and the way you run your practice affect the overall success of your practice and your team? Samantha Bennett highlights your unique decision-making ability and management style to get the clarity you need to be a more effective boss and leader.

Samantha advocates for the fact that we all have a creative side. And not in terms of being an artist, writer or painter, but in our unique ability to create great things. Sam believes there isn’t a “right or wrong way” for reaching your goals, managing your team or running the day to day. Just because you might not go about it the same way someone else does, doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It is simply your way and you have to find your unique path!

During her presentation, she will help you find your own personal flow and identify the most important elements to approach in your practice. She will teach you how to optimize your natural habits and tendencies to create something AMAZING that you and your clients love!

Jeff Kaylor

Jeff Kaylor

Fortune 500 Keynote Speaker and “Magic Moment” Expert
Do your clients feel special? How would you like to “magically” connect with them so these relationships aren’t simply transactional (and short-term) but are transformed into long-term and unforgettable partnerships?

Jeff Kaylor is a keynote speaker, magician and cinematographer. He will be speaking on "Magic Moments" and how to integrate that experience of magic to make your clients feel unique.

Jeff is the co-founder of The Magic Estate in Orlando, Florida ‒ home to a dolphin trainer, magician, mind reader, illusionist, actor, Lawyer/Hypnotist, speaker and a podcasting wizard. Together, they know how to deliver a delightful mix of entertainment and highly-developed relational skills with audiences.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to differentiate yourself. Delivering client services that go above and beyond the “same old, same old” will make your practice the preferred choice for both current clients and qualified prospects.

Sam Silverstein, CSP

Sam Silverstein, CSP

Accountability Expert & Leadership Speaker
As a former executive and business owner, Sam’s manufacturing and distribution companies sold over $100 million in products and services. He successfully sold one of his businesses to a Fortune 500 company. Today, Sam writes, speaks and consults with companies, inspiring and challenging their people to think differently to achieve a better result.

When it comes to running a successful CPA practice, accountability makes all the difference in the world. Sam will help you instill a system that produces accountability, transforms the way you do business, and grows your bottom line.

He is the founder of The Accountability Movement™, which is focused on building powerful communities filled with people and organizations that know their values, live their values and keep their commitments. Sam will reveal the importance of creating an accountable work culture and the barriers you need to break through that are restricting your practice from thriving.

Laura Berman Fortgang

Laura Berman Fortgang

Emcee, Leadership Speaker
If you’re not comfortable with the status quo and are ready to make a BIG change, then you are already on track with our accomplished and innovative Emcee, Laura Berman Fortgang.

Laura can find patterns in chaos and create systems for businesses and individuals alike. There are even patterns in human behavior that when spotted, can allow for dramatic positive change. Laura will be responsible for the organic flow of the entire event, keeping you informed and entertained.

Laura has made appearances on Oprah, The CBS Early Show, NBC's Today, Good Morning America, CNN, CNBC, and was a contributing editor for Redbook Magazine and a Huffington post blogger.


Uday Ranpara

Initor Global Services
Would you like a faster turnaround time with your tax returns? Looking for help with catching up with back work without incurring the fixed cost of a full time or part time employee?

Outsourcing could be the solution.

Initor Global Services is one of the leading global outsourcing firms with a strong presence in the US. They offer operational excellence with deep domain expertise in accounting and taxation services.

They help CPAs around the world realize their full potential by leveraging the technology and innovations in today’s world



CEO & Founder of TaxProMarketer
Is your practice consistently profiting from online marketing?

Are your funnels set up in such a way that you are constantly bring in new prospects to your office?

If you didn’t answer yes to the above questions, then you are not doing what is optimal for your practice.

Nate and Director of Search Marketing, Christian Jones, identify the highest-leverage activities your firm should be doing online and (more importantly) how to break through the noise and reach your best prospects.

It’s your time to dominate the search engines using Maps, Local Listings and other “hidden” sources. Discover the BEST way to use Facebook advertising to drive conversations, create new clients out of thin air and learn one of the most successful marketing tactics in today’s digital world; Messenger Chat Automation.

Nate is a 15-year veteran of the tax and accounting industry with a focus on Internet Marketing and Direct Response media. He is a followed and respected marketing voice to the industry. Nate is a multi-year recipient of CPA Practice Advisor's "Top 40 Under 40” and continues to redefine methods of marketing and client attractions for CPAs.


This will be the most complete, detailed and valuable three-day SuperConference on EVERYTHING I did to go from $100,000 in debt to building a practice that made me extremely wealthy, while only working 2 days a week (3 during tax season), and eliminate money worries out of my life once and for all.


And now... let me tell you about the BRAND NEW FEATURES for SuperConference 2018!


We decided to dedicate this year’s SuperConference to a smaller group of committed accounting professionals. It will allow practitioners to walk away from this exclusive event with the newest, most effective strategies and systems proven to accelerate and amplify results in today’s accounting world.

New Feature #1

Exclusively Designed for ONLY 75 CPA Practitioners Who Are Determined to Succeed.

We’ll GUARANTEE You Won’t ‘Get Lost’ When It Comes to Growing Your CPA Practice!

We’re doing something extraordinary this year. Something that goes against the grain of every professional conference that’s out there.

We are limiting the registrants to ONLY 75 CPA Professionals.

That’s right. Only 75.

Because we are going to be approaching this conference from a different perspective.

Think of it as an elite-level “Mastermind” group, where the speakers can interact with you on a deeper level...

... where you can exchange ideas with other conference attendees and discover fresh, new ideas for how to grow your firm...

...and where you can gain the edge you need to become the “go to expert” in your target market for financial advice.

The group will be smaller, which will allow the speakers and the CPA Marketing Genius Team to give you personalized attention. We’ll be able to answer your questions and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

We’ll Do a Deep Dive Into...“The Implementation Incubator”

A smaller group is also going to allow us to work more closely with everyone on their customized “Implementation Incubator.”

What the heck is an “Implementation Incubator?”

Your brain will be firing on all cylinders from this "Million Dollar Practice" session during the afternoon on the last day. I’ll walk you through creating an implementation plan that will take the incredible content you just received and organize an action plan.

It’s a session devoted to taking the principles you just learned and applying them IMMEDIATELY to your situation.

A smaller group will allow the CPA Marketing Genius Team and Partners to work with everyone, ask questions... answer questions... brainstorm... and pull together a POWERFUL winning blueprint for practice success!

You won’t get this type of attention in larger conferences.

Speakers come and go within a short time frame and few will hang out afterward to talk about YOUR specific challenges.

With a smaller group, you’ll FINALLY have the time to FOCUS on your firm – with like-minded practitioners AND expert guides standing by to help you create a profitable plan!

New Feature #2

“The ESSENTIAL Profit Training Track”
For Wherever You Are On the Path of Practice Growth

For the first time we are offering a unique break-out session that will provide practice-building solutions for the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced practitioner.

No more “One Size Fits All” training.

We know the challenges you face at the beginning of your practice aren’t necessarily the same challenges you face when you’ve been running a practice for 5 – 7 years. Or 15 years.

A brand NEW FEATURE for the 2018 SuperConference: You’ll be matched with training that will help you the most at whatever stage you’re at with running a CPA practice.

For one break-out session, you’ll dive into “The ESSENTIAL Profit Training Track.” Attendees will be assigned to a small group with a team leader, based on where they are on their path of business development.

  • Are you just starting out? Excellent! We have a small group planned just for you that will make sure you get all your ducks in a row and build a strong foundation for success.
  • Have you been running a practice for 5 – 10 years? Congratulations! Now you want to soar and sharpen up your processes even more (or eliminate wasting resources). We’ve got you covered.
  • Have you been running a CPA practice for 10+ years? Well done! You’ll be guided on how to increase your profit margins with solid strategies for practice growth and legacy issues.

The CPA Marketing Genius Team is here to help you and we’ll work hard to make sure you get the right guidance to move you to the next level.

And what will truly give you the “breakthrough results” you want will be our own proprietary coaching principles that will give you the tools you need to implement the information.

That’s right. At the conference, you’ll not only get the information you need – you’ll learn how to take it and use it to get IMMEDIATE RESULTS.

Information isn’t worth much if you don’t put it into practice. No matter which training track you take, we’ll make sure you aren’t overwhelmed and will have a clear understanding of what to do next.

New Feature #3

Get An Exclusive, Implementation Manual:
“The Million Dollar CPA Practice Implementation Incubator”

Every attendee will receive a manual brimming with the conference’s content and information – all to propel you forward in your practice.

Ever attend a conference and wonder if you managed to capture the most important “takeaways” from the event?

When you attend the 2018 SuperConference, you won’t need to worry because we have already done the hard work for you!

Not only will you get access to “What’s Working Now” information from thought leaders, you’ll also receive a conference manual that will keep this information at your fingertips when you return home.

Just imagine having in one convenient spot all the key points from the event, the “how-tos” and instructions... all to help you put into action those ‘golden nuggets’ of wisdom!

This manual will have plenty of space for your notes and ideas. You’ll be able to take it back to your office and immediately apply your freshly-learned knowledge.

I’ve NEVER seen anything as powerful for skyrocketing productivity, even when CPAs have been stuck and struggling for years!

It’s normally $2,000 to receive this level of guidance, but if you’re accepted into the 2018 SuperConference, you get it at a fraction of the cost!

This is where you’ll achieve the “trusted advisor” status described by Barry Melancon, the President of AICPA (over 650,000 members).

Here’s what Barry Melancon said about the future for accountants:

“With AI (Artificial Intelligence) the whole ramification of jobs in society is a huge issue and those that embrace it will be the most successful. The uncertainty of it all will require trusted advisers, and accountants can be that. They will be more needed in a complex and changing world.

In order for CPAs to be seen as trusted advisers, they need to qualify themselves as such.

Proof is needed. And our exclusive training at this event will show you exactly how to position yourself so you attract the clients you want and spend less time going around in circles with your firm.


What’s At Stake If You Miss This One-Time Exclusive Event...
And Why YOU Need to Be There

So you have to ask yourself:

“Am I immersing myself in the company of people who have similar aspirations? Who have achieved more in some aspect of entrepreneurship than I have? Who have like interests, fears and aspirations and who inspire and motivate me to be more tomorrow than I am today?

Or am I running my firm on the default setting, which is DOWNWARD ASSOCIATION, spending most of my time with people who drain my entrepreneurial energies… whose limited thinking and penchant for mediocrity is poisonous to my spirit… whose secret disdain and envy is pulling me down into a thick and suffocating mindset?”

It’s said that if you want to improve your tennis game, you play with those who are several skill levels above you. That’s how you learn new ways to increase your performance.

The same can be said about professional development.

The cost of not investing in your practice is high. You’ll keep spinning your wheels, hitting the same roadblocks, and getting lost while trying to figure out on your own how to build a stronger team, streamline your operations, and attract the high-quality clients you deserve.

Attend this special SuperConference and expand your vision. You’ll be able to see beyond the typical obstacles to growing your CPA practice.

Envision a better tomorrow. Gain the insights needed to go out and GET IT!

Albert Einstein said: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

You have to be willing to CONSCIOUSLY make your own reality… and to do that you need building blocks… you have to “seed” your imagination by widening your perspective, broadening your horizons and self-perception.

And the only way to do this is by raising your association and experience, to immerse yourself in people and situations that inspire you — one of the most powerful aspects of the 2018 CPA Success SuperConference.

Hang Out With Those Who Are Dissatisfied...
To Find a Better Way!


At this unique SuperConference, you’ll receive external validation — seeing other people doing what you want to do… and taking it a step further.

Not just seeing them…but talking with them… breaking bread with them… asking them questions… realizing they are normal everyday people who put one sock on at a time in the morning, just like you.

If you keep all of your business ideas bottled up inside you, they wither and die.

But if you share your ideas with likeminded people… if you float your ideas in a safe and supportive environment, with people who have similar but different ideas… people who have earned the right to validate or invalidate… WOW, it’s tremendously empowering, it’s liberating, it’s inebriating.

Your ideas blossom and unfold… you gain clarity and confidence… you chisel your ideas into concrete plans… you take action… and you grow!

Discover How to Set the RIGHT GOALS
For Your CPA Practice

All of us have been hearing about the value of goal setting our entire lives, but guess what?

It’s not sinking in!

Most people are just not very good at setting sane goals and therefore even worse at hitting them.

They confuse vision with goals. They fail to gather enough facts, validation, and verification of the assumptions that underpin their goals.

They fail to analyze the justification for their goals and they don’t understand the power of deadlines. Practice owners often don’t know how to break a goal down into a realistic plan. They don’t have a system for measuring progress, which is a serious problem when it comes to generating wealth.

And it’s sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to get any clarity without outside input from peers with YOUR best interest at heart.

We solve this once and for all at the 2018 SuperConference!

This is your chance to be on the cutting edge of what’s working for growing a successful CPA firm today.

At the end of SuperConference – three days that will be jam-packed with actionable and powerful information to grow your practice – you will have basked in three full days of upward association and developed valuable relationships that can be continued throughout the year in our private Facebook group...


The Value? Priceless

It’s $8,500 for a private, closed-door day with me.

But this way, you’re getting 3 DAYS of masterminding with me. Granted, we’re not going to be spending the whole time on your practice, but you WILL benefit enormously from participating in the brainstorming that goes around the room all day long… and the flurry of ideas that result.

Even if you attributed only $3,000 per day, that’s already a $9,000 value.

Plus, you’re getting the SuperConference training tracks and the implementation manual, which is a $500 value, retail.

AND… you get UNLIMITED ACCESS to me and the CPA Marketing Genius Team via a private, attendee Facebook group.

So conservatively, without the hype, we’re looking at a $10,000 value here. Never mind the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in additional income you’ll generate from your practice as a result of attending the SuperConference.

The 2018 CPA Success SuperConference
Is THE Place Where Opportunities Happen!

There Is No Other Accounting Conference Where You Can Immerse Yourself In Fresh, New Growth-Oriented Ideas For Three Solid Days – Away From Distractions At Home, Stress And Strife From Your Practice – To Create The SUCCESSFUL Life You Want.

“Excellent conference! Wish I would have brought a few team members. I had no idea what resources were out there. Knowledge is power and I now have the knowledge to build something awesome.”

- Karen Bottany, CPA | Lavenworth, KS


$497 Until February 2, 2018
$597 UNTIL April 30, 2018
$697 UNTIL May 31, 2018
$997 UNTIL June 22, 2018

YOUR TICKET TO THE CPA Success SuperConference INCLUDES...

Our ‘More Than Your Money Back’

I almost was tempted NOT to include a guarantee.


Because we only want people who are 100% committed to growing their practice.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that lack of conviction and commitment is the BIGGEST reason for failure.

That’s why this SuperConference is about “burn the boats” IMPLEMENTATION. It’s what you NEED to take your practice to the next level in 2018.

However, as always, I’m supremely confident that you’ll absolutely LOVE every minute of the “SuperConference 2018.” And to prove it, I’m willing to give you a ‘more than your money back’ guarantee!

Even though I am confident that you'll be thrilled with the entire event we’ve got in store for you, and that when you implement the strategies we share, your practice will be transformed forever, I realize that until you’ve attended and experienced this event first hand, you can’t know that for sure.

And whilst the financial investment in attending this event is negligible, I realize that for serious practitioners like you, your most valuable asset is your time.

So to put your mind at ease completely - right from the start – I am going to give you a ‘more than your money back’ guarantee!

Here’s how it works…

If you’re anything less than 100% satisfied with the conference, just let us know before you leave on Sunday and we’ll happily refund your attendance fee, PLUS up to $500 of documented travel and accommodation expenses…


In other words you'll receive a refund of your ticket price – plus up to $500 to cover your additional expenses, so there’s no way you could possibly be out of pocket.

Reserve your Seat here:

Now It’s Up to YOU...

You can go at it alone in 2018 and try to guess your way around the landmines of rapid change.

... You can starve yourself of the fellowship and collective wisdom of positive and forward thinking people with a vested interest in your success.

... You can limit your entrepreneurial vision and forge blindly ahead without clarity or conviction… your goals fuzzy and unfocused… your behavior undisciplined and unproductive… and your actions paralyzed by fear.

Or you can attend the 2018 CPA Success SuperConference and lead your profession in innovation… dramatically expand your market intelligence… think bigger and act bolder than ever before… and charge into 2018 with the absolute certainty, superior planning and unstoppable confidence it takes to become the supreme master of your own destiny.

Remember, SuperConference 2018 only has room for 75 registrants, so don’t dilly-dally. When we fill those seats with 75 people, that’s it.


Book by June 1st and get an awesome room rate that we negotiated just for you.
(As low as $139!!)

Make it easy for yourself and stay in the same hotel where the event is being held…right downstairs! It’s a no brainer.

Incredible southern style dining, exceptional customer service and right in the heart of downtown.

You won’t regret being around the CPA Marketing Genius team and Super Conference attendees for the full 3 days.

“I have been to all 8 SuperConferences. I get supercharged each year and get little nuggets of information that more than pay for the price of admission and travel costs. I will definitely be back for #9 in Atlanta.”

- Dan Henn, CPA | Rockledge, FL

“I am so excited to gather my notes and thoughts and begin working on my goals. I usually leave conferences tired, overwhelmed, and disenchanted. This conference was everything I had hoped for and better. I learned so much, I networked with so many amazing people, and am ready to come back next year.”

- Bethany Shipley, CPA | Muskogee, OK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Is this SuperConference Different From Other Conferences and Seminars?

A: How many times have you seen “dry” speakers at seminars and conventions sharing the same old stats and quotes and "rah rah" pep talk? Makes me snooze just thinking about it.

Don't get me wrong. With the right mindset you can always get a nugget here and there from the keynotes, from a roundtable, from a product demonstration... But this is NOT that. At my SuperConference, you will be privy to the simplest, most effective, money-making marketing, and practice-growth strategies that you have ever seen in your life. All laid out. All ready for you to implement and reap rewards from.

You will also be presented some of the most cutting-edge systems and new technologies in our industry that only a few people in a few industries even have a clue about yet. You will leave this experience with such strong advantages over your competition that it will almost feel unfair how far ahead of the game you are going to be.

Q: Can I Bring a Guest With Me (And Do They Attend For A Discount?)

A: I strongly encourage you to experience this event with a guest. In fact, I believe that is so important that, I’m allowing your guest (spouse, business partner, or key team member) to participate for only $197.

Q: What Can I Expect To Get From This SuperConference?

A: You can expect to finally have the answers and a very clear path to getting what you want out of life as a practitioner. You can expect to receive very clear instructions, a custom, virtual “recipe” of success with exact "how to" blueprints on everything you need to know to grow your practice and your personal revenue – according to where you are on your path. You will see case studies on the exact marketing strategies and the powerful results they can create for you.

Q: How Does The Money-Back Guarantee Work?

A: My guarantee is simple: if you do not feel that the very first day of the event is not worth multiples of what you paid to attend – just let us know and we will give you 100% of your money back (plus up to $500 toward your airline ticket or hotel) and we will part as friends. And after your register, if your plans change and you can no-longer attend “Big Profits and Practice Freedom SuperConference”, just let us know by June 1st and we’ll refund 100% of your money back.

Q: How much will I have to participate in other people’s business?

A: I’m looking for givers who share their insights and experience freely. I will hand the floor over to you regularly for comment, ask challenging questions and respect your opinion. The more you participate and give of yourself, the more you’ll get back.

Q: Will there be people in the group who are direct competitors or working in the same market? If so, I’d be afraid to share because I wouldn’t want my ideas stolen.

A: Most practitioners serve a local market. However, one of benefits of attending SuperConference is learning how to differentiate you from other firms. Furthermore, everything that happens in these meetings is under lock and key and not to be revealed to outsiders.

Q: Will I be able to communicate with other members of the group at my leisure throughout the year?

A: Yes, there will be a special private Facebook group set up precisely for this purpose.

Q: Will you play a hands-on role in helping me find the best marketing message and create an entire year long strategy to grow my biz?

A: SuperConference 2018 was put together for exactly this purpose. Depending on your training track, the goal is to break you through 7 figures. All of the speakers will be working together to elevate everyone else in the group to this objective.

Beyond that, the CPA Success SuperConference is an A-to-Z marketing roadmap for CPA practitioners, business development managers, and team members.

I will also be rolling up my sleeves and actively helping you with your planning, copy, marketing strategy and client acquisition processes during the sessions, via unlimited email coaching, and with my involvement on Facebook.

Q: Do you offer transportation to and from the airport?

A: Yes! There is a shuttle that will take you from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport to the hotel.

Q: Where is the event?

The event is at the beautiful Double Tree by Hilton Atlanta Airport. Only a hop and a skip away from the airport, waiting to provide you with incredible amenities, delicious food, and 3 days of AWESOMENESS.

Q: Do you guarantee results?

A: Listen, nobody can guarantee your practice results.

That said, if you make full use of the program, it will help you to ride the leading edge of change in your profession… keep you motivated and excited for the chase… help you to “up your game” and think bigger about what you’re capable of achieving… validate (or invalidate) your plans and ideas… and fill you with the drive and determination you need to take your practice to the next level in 2018.