Darryl and I just had a blast in Dallas. It was an absolute pleasure for me to meet and get to know you a little, along with the rest of the Salim team. Such an honor to attend this year's SuperConference, as it was my personal first! INCREDIBLE speakers and a very well put together program full of juicy content; we are already beginning to implement, feeling fired up! I cannot thank you, Salim, and the entire team enough for including us and providing this educational opportunity, ultimately helping us reach our full potential. We left feeling inspired to say the least - this event does not disappoint.
- Lyzza Bunce | Fair Oaks, CA
I have been to a world best number of conferences during my career. I have also had two very successful CPA firms. I attended Salim’s conference in Dallas. WOW! High caliber presentations/presenters, content, and exercises. The overall agenda and content of the conference reflects the unique combination of integrity, energy, humility, and enthusiasm that I believe Salim, his team, and program possess. I have already purchased two tickets for next year’s conference in St. Louis!
- Richard Neal Kohtz, CPA | Bozeman, MT
I found the conference to be of the highest marks. I'm amazed at the caliber of some of the presenters. I took some of my teammates with me and each of us walked about with about 20 written action items we plan on taking over the next several months. I believe those action items when implemented will increase our revenue by at least $200,000. Well worth our time, we already signed up for next year, we are so excited about it!
- John Briggs, CPA | Sandy, UT
Nicolena's How to presentation was great. Always worth more than the price of admission! Can't wait till St Louis.
- Dale Hammernik, EA | West Allis, WI
I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and extremely glad I attended. I came home very excited about the things I learned and looking forward to continue working with your team.
- Patricia Anderson, CPA | Boca Raton, FL
Thank you so very much for an incredible conference! I look forward to learning and working with you in the coming year. I learned SO much more than I anticipated.
- Retha Valderas | Richmond, Virginia
Thank you for another outstanding conference. You and your team did a great job. It was great to take time to focus on my firm. I can't wait to get started on implementing the ideas that I got at the conference. I plan to work on implementing some of them with a CPA colleague/friend of mine. She plans on attending the conference with me next year.
- Cynthia Hays | Mesa, AZ